brand site audit

brand site audit

is your website underperforming?
do you suffer from website shame?
are you operating under a build it + they will come mentality?

if you answered yes to any of these questions, you likely have a number of issues affecting your lack of sales/customer/visitors. let us help you improve your design, branding + strategy with a brand site audit.


recent data shows that one in every three visitors spends less than 15 seconds on a web page. FIFTEEN SECONDS. that means that you not only need to capture your readers’ attention quickly, but you need to keep it as well. with this tiny fraction of time you may be sacrificing sales, customers, + ultimately, your business’ success.

with a brand site audit, we’ll review your site design, brand message, site structure + overall user experience.

having an online presence is a necessity in today’s marketplace and your website can be an extremely powerful tool in generating new subscribers, business + revenue. but just having a website isn’t enough, it needs to communicate clearly + to the right people, with the right message.

are you confident that you’re sending the right message?

audit me!

the specifics

to make this process both informative + helpful, we have broken our brand site audits into nine individual sections. each of the sections include a happiness score as well as a summary of our findings + recommendations to improve.

the sections are:

  • your logo
  • your colors
  • typography
  • images + graphics
  • site usability
  • site accessibility
  • site content
  • social media
  • responsiveness

price: $998 per site

in addition, we also offer add-on sections should you choose to have a deeper review. the available add-ons are:

  • google analytics
  • your collateral
  • site security

price: $99 per add-on

the process:

  • purchase an audit + desired add-ons
  • complete the audit questionnaire you’ll receive via email
  • within two weeks of receiving your completed questionnaire, your brand site audit will be conducted
  • we will schedule a 60-minute skype call to review the audit findings together
  • you’ll then receive a written summary of findings + recommendations, as well as a recording of our call
  • includes one week of follow-up questions answered via email following summary delivery

audit me!

the terms

how much time do I have to complete the questionnaire? once you purchase a brand site audit, you’ll have 30 days to complete the online questionnaire. that being said, most folks get through it within a week.

if you are unable to complete the questionnaire within 30 days, refer to the cancellations + refunds section below.

how much time do I have to book the review skype session? review calls will need to be scheduled within two weeks of receiving our calendar link. if calls cannot be scheduled within that time, the call will be forfeited + you will receive a written summary only.

do you offer payment plans? unfortunately no. payment must be made in full, up front.

what if I need to cancel? you may cancel a brand site audit prior to completing the questionnaire by emailing your cancellation request to within 30 days of purchase.

what is your refund policy? if you cancel a brand site audit before completing the questionnaire, you will be refunded the full fee minus 10%.

if you fail to complete your questionnaire within 30 days + do not provide a cancellation request, you will forfeit your purchase in its entirety and your audit will not be performed. completed questionnaires will not be accepted beyond 30 days without prior communication.

refunds will not be provided once a completed questionnaire is received.

how do you review my collateral if I purchase that add-on? in order to review your printed materials, you must upload any + all items with the online questionnaire. emailed files will not be accepted. refunds will not be provided for failure to upload images.

uploaded files can be either photographs of completed/printed materials, works in progress or artwork files from you or your design team.

we will accept jpg, png + pdf file types. should you have issues uploading, please contact us before completing your questionnaire.

do you offer an SEO add-on? SEO is in a complicated class all of its own and as such, is not part of our brand site audit. we do however, know a number of talented seo experts, so if you need a referral, we’re happy to provide one.


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